Cold Calling+ Attention + Meeting

Cold Calling+ Attention + Meeting

There is nothing that you can say today that will prove the person on the other side of the phone that you are valuable or, worth listening to for the next two mins leave alone meeting you. Stupid things that you can say- Return on investments, the benefits, the upside and it will change the life. These guys have way too many people calling them pitching them stuff unless your sentence has something familiar you are not going anywhere.

  1. We worked at the same company.
  2. We know Neha/Puja in common.
  3. We both live on the Golf course road.
  4. I was there at your company, and it was blah.
  5. I used your product and felt blah.
  6. I was at your showroom and saw blah

And now at this point, you have to present the possibility of possessing an insight or, a specific data/info which is very relevant and the other person wants it and only you have it. Something like I observed after analyzing for 3 hours or, my team of 5 people identified this.......

And then most people quickly follow it by asking for an appointment or, the permission to meet. The moment you say this you come across as a needy person and someone with little status. Always remember you have prepared for this day and you have trained for this moment where you have something the other person wants- why be desperate when in reality you are making a difference in the other person's life. This usually should give you the confidence, and the other thing is that you have too many calls to make - so you are in a hurry anyway :).

Immediately consider this possibility that you could be a find for the prospect and it is his/her lucky day that you called up. In these situations, the best thing to do is that you make yourself the prize and put across a possibility that there could be a situation where the prospect should make an appointment with you before you start taking meetings with others.

The lines are going to be different for everyone and it should be relevant(Mostly it is ;)). Share your comments on what problems you face while cold calling.

Credits: Saurav Patnaik

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