Is Someone Pulling an Ocean's 8 on You?

Is Someone Pulling an Ocean's 8 on You?

Ad Fraud in India and its state of affair

Banks and Met Galas aren't the only ones getting conned.

Ad Fraudsters are syphoning 19 Billion Dollars from Digital Marketers this year.

Watch out for the Ocean's 8 of Digital Marketing:

1. Bots: At almost no cost to them, fraudsters can send you a truckload of junk impressions, clicks or visits, even faking engagement with your brand.

2. Click Farms: If CPCs in Bangladesh are a fraction of those in India, doesn't it make sense for a fraudster to run your campaign in Bangladesh, masking the geolocation?

3. Install Farms: thousand devices and emulators, working very hard to install and uninstall your apps. All day. All night.

4. Fake Leads: Why should the fraudster create an actual customer for you when an agent can punch a hundred fake leads in a 10-hour work-day?

5. View Fraud: Ten ads can be loaded, one behind the other, in the same ad space. Nine of them invisible. Yet a neat 10x revenue for the fraudster!

6. Publisher Fraud: If they say they ran all your ads on the "Premium Publisher" and none on their aunt's blog, you have to believe it, right? What choice do you have?

7. Attribution Fraud: Why should the fraudster bring any traffic at all, when it's easier to hijack your Direct and Organic attribution and make it look like their paid channel?

8. Hostile Tools: Catch me if you can. 'Coz the fraudster is hiding behind virtual machines, computerized cell phone emulators, plugins, and extensions.

So, are your security systems in place? Or do you have a Blind Spot?

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