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Our current focus lies in:

Publisher Sales Intelligence

We help publishers discover advertisers and revenue opportunities. As they come into the market real time.

Advertiser Marketing Intelligence

Give your brand an edge over your competitors. Uncover their display strategy, beat their successes, and learn from their failures.

Media Intelligence for Agencies

Uncover your client's competitor's campaigns and their success strategies. Increase your own client-base by discovering who your competitors are working with.

Ad Fraud Control

20-30% of Impressions online are served by bots. A total of $16Bn worth. Cut your losses. Boost your ROI. Get the control back.

App Fraud Control

Machines and farms all across the world are syphoning your CPI campaigns. Wonder why you see a lot of uninstalls?

Lead & Acquisition Fraud Control

It's far more economical to punch a fake lead than market for a real one. How many of your vendors are keeping your interests above theirs?

Competitive Media Intelligence

at your fingertips

A Map of the entire Ad Universe.

Win Clients. Win Competition. Find Opportunities.

The most comprehensive digital media map.

Get Ahead of Competition

By revealing your competitors’ media strategies, you can learn from their successes, avoid costly mistakes they pay for, and take advantage of untapped markets.

Increase ROI from Display Campaigns

Increase conversions by emulating successful strategies in the marketplace. Take charge quickly with automated alerts and prompt counter-actions.

$ 16 B
Size of Ad Fraud, 2017
% Ads
Estimated to be Fake
10 + Millions
Data points monitored by Adby

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Actionable Fraud Intelligence

Get the trust back.

It's not the cost of doing business.

Do you feel someone might be Stealing your ROI?

Get access to the best-in-class fraud-fighting tech.

Fraud is Omnipresent

We see it in fake impressions, fake clicks, fake app installs. We see it in fraud leads, fraud sales & cancellations. We see it being run by humans, machines & their farms.

Don’t be be Passive Sufferer

Our easy to implement cyber security layer ensures your every ad – display, mobile or video – is properly located, visible, and seen by real people.

Cut Your Fraud Losses

The moment we detect any fraudulent action, we alert you in the most timely and useful fashion. Improve the mix, eliminate bad apples, renegotiate, and get the control back in your hands.

$ 16 B
Size of Ad Fraud, 2017
% Ads
Estimated to be Fake
10 + Millions
Data points monitored by Adby

Outsmart Fraudsters

Do you see Fraud in your system?

In Partnership

Working with Business Leaders to Indentify, Unlock and Create Opportunities.

We enjoy working with the best minds across the globe.

Our Technology Partners

Client Speak

Adby does Competitive Mapping in the most innovative and unheard of way. Other solutions we knew of, rely on much shallower data. Adby's unique technology and methodology makes competition watch comprehensive and immediately useful.

Prabhakar Singh Revenue Head HT Digital Streams Ltd.

Adclarity has been quite useful for us to track upcoming campaigns. We use their daily and weekly reporting tools to track specific advertisers and also the category as a whole. The response time of Tanul and his team is almost instantaneous and they have gone beyond their SLA's to ensure we are able to effectively use the tool.

Ankit Dhadda Digital Marketing Bloomberg|Quint

For any mature marketing operations, an important responsibility is to protect the brand spends from misuse and abuse. While we negotiate with our vendors and suppliers so hard to ensure cost efficiencies, there are people out there with malicious intents with whom you do not want to negotiate. And you would need strong practices in place to protect businesses from such people. We have been actively learning and putting our efforts against such fraudsters who try to commit ad-fraud to ensure that we maximize our ROI in the true sense.…

Sachin Uppal Chief Marketing Officer Play Games24x7

It has been one of our main tools in our ability to analyze the competitive environment, getting a bigger share from our existing clients, and generate new leads.

Shridhar Mishra National Sales Head Jagran

Adby's Competitive Intelligence has helped us get a bird's eye view of the creatives, activities and performance of our competition and of our own partners in the market. Their ad monitoring tool has helped us keep a close watch on the market and be one step ahead of our competitor. Kudos to the team in building this first-of-it's-kind tool in India.

Surabhee Gupta AVP - e-Commerce and Digital Marketing HDFC Life

Competition Mapping plays a key role in our budgeting process. Adby helped us base our insights on methodical numbers rather than relying on ad-hoc bits of information from the market.

Martand Singh Head Digital Marketing Birla Sun Life AMC

In Media

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The Importance of Competition Mapping

As an intern in a newspaper business a decade back, I have seen countless people-hours being spent every morning with competition newspapers and 12” rulers. ...

The Telegraph

36 Percent More Active Digital Display

"“Like in the field of sports, having a hold on your competition's strategy helps you win the game. On the other hand, an inside-out view limits your vision. ..."

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10,000 Advertisers This Festive Month

"... the number of Internet users in India has surpassed its equivalent in the US... But only a fraction of this population is engaging in buying services and products off the internet right now...."

Our Team

Adby Venture has been founded by entrepreneurs with successful exits in advertising, media, marketing products, and online retail. We enjoy working with the best minds from across the world.

Saurav Patnaik
Saurav Patnaik
Entrepreneur, looking for value wherever it can be found. Have successfully Co-Founded 3 multi-million dollar companies in the marketing tech
Vivek Singh
Vivek Singh
Marketer. Analyst. Entrepreneur. Before co-founding Adby Ventures, Vivek has led Marketing & Analytics functions at leading Baby & Kids retailer
Tanul Rustagi
Tanul Rustagi
An economist from the University of Delhi, Tanul has been one of the earliest people & the Chief Economist @ Adby.

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